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Bright Choices is a new service run in partnership between ELREC, Sacro, and the Multi-Cultural Family Base.

Bright Choices is a collaborative project focused on addressing and tackling honour based violence in Black Minority and Ethnic community groups in Edinburgh.

The project aims to support women, men, young people, families and community groups to overcome the problems arising from honour based violence and abuse, and promote an understanding of positive, healthy relationships and informed choices.

The project is there to support people who have difficult relationships with their families or their communities. These difficulties can stem from a disagreement about how people are supposed to dress, behave, who to marry, how to treat their children, if they are allowed to finish their education and who they are allowed to have as friends.

Edinburgh and Lothians Regional Equality Council focus on the community engagement and outreach aspect of the project.

ELREC’s outreach strategy aims to engage with organisations, professionals, community groups and agencies to promote an understanding of issues through dialogue, education and other forms of direct action and work within communities.

ELREC will also offer basic advice, a referral service and liaise with different organisations, third and public sector bodies to advocate for communities and families experiencing divisions and conflict arising from honour based violence and abuse.

Bright Choices is funded by the Big Lottery for four years and will include direct work with communities to raise awareness of the service and to improve understanding of honour and how it can affect people’s lives.
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