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Organisation Details

Address Divisional Headquarters, 14 St Leonards Street, Newington
Post Code EH8 9QW
Locality South East 
Telephone 999 (emergency) 101 (non-emergency)
  • Community Development
  • Community Safety
  • Help Lines
  • Law and Justice
  • Offenders/Ex-offenders
  • Older People
  • Poverty
  • Volunteering
  • Young People

Edinburgh Division

The divisional headquarters is St. Leonard's Police Station in central Edinburgh where the Local Police Commander, four functional Superintendents and a Detective Superintendent are located. The station also houses the Divisional Custody Centre.

There are 14 other stations across the city (inclusive of the Police Information Centre).

Edinburgh Division covers a large geographic area from Leith in the North of the city to the Pentlands in the South, with a resident population of around 486,000 - swelling to almost double that during the summer months.

There is a staff of 1300 police officers and 240 police staff, which make it is one of the largest police divisions in the UK.

The Division has aligned with the respective local councils with each having a dedicated Area Commander who has the responsibility for all day-to-day policing functions.

Each area is served by a number of community policing teams. These teams are built around the needs of local people. They are responsible for responding to calls in the local area, as well as looking for long term solutions to key issues and keeping people safe.

Our Priorities

1. Public safety
2. Antisocial behaviour
3. Serious and organised crime
4. Assault and Violent Crime.
5. Alcohol
6. Drugs

Divisional Commander

Chief Superintendent Mark Williams joined Lothian and Borders Police in 1993.

Personal Safety:

Bogus Callers
Unknown and unexpected callers at your door may not be genuine. Keep safe and don't let them into your home.

Protect Your Home
Make it harder for the criminal to target your home and protect your personal propert

Advice for Your Child
Follow these simple steps to make sure your child surfs safely online and avoids some of the internet's potential dangers.

Business Crime Advice
Key personnel within organisations may find themselves targets of criminal gangs. Keep safe to avoid becoming an easy target.

Knife Crime
Consequences of knife crime are devastating to all parties involved. Protect yourself and others by making wise choices.

Travel Safe
When you are out and about travelling, there are a number of simple steps you can take to avoid many potential dangers. Find out more here.

Keeping Children Safe
If you have a valid concern about a person's access to a child in your community, please submit a disclosure application.

Student Safety
Students can take simple preventative measures to avoid becoming victims of crime. If you are a student, discover how you can plan to keep safe and avoid becoming a victim.

For further information on the above topics, please see or contact your local police station on

- Emergency call 999
- To contact any Edinburgh police station call 101



Name Telephone Cost Actions
101 Non-Emergency Number 101 More info »
Anti-Social Behaviour More info »
Hate Crime & Third Party Reporting 999 (emergency) 101 (non-emergency) More info »
Help for Victims of Sexual Crime 999 (emergency) 101 (non-emergency) More info »
Party Safe 999 (emergency) 101 (non-emergency) More info »
Reporting Child Abuse 999 (emergency) 101 (non-emergency) More info »
Reporting Domestic Abuse 999 (emergency) 101 (non-emergency) More info »
Safety Online More info »